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2011 New Move Over Law

 Move Over Law Takes Effect Jan. 1, 2011 By: Virginia Butler -YNN
Starting January 1st New Yorkers are required by law to move over and slow down when they see emergency vehicles parked along state roads and highways.
The Ambrose-Searles Law is named after a state trooper and a sheriff's deputy. Trooper Robert Ambrose and Onondaga County Sheriff's Deputy Glenn Searles were both killed in the line of duty while their patrol cars were stopped on the side of the road.
The new law requires drivers to slow down when they see flashing lights. If you're on a road with more than one lane, you're required to move over when passing an emergency vehicle on the shoulder with its emergency lights flashing.
If you break the law, the fine can be up to $275 and you will get two points on your license.
content passed by Clark Clemens, Chapter T, NY